Registration will go through the web page and should be done in advance. Preferably 2 days before show. 

Why is it so important to register on time? When model is registered, we can:

- print model passes

- see how much models in nomination and assign enough space for models on the tables

- start judging immediately when model arrive to the show

Timely registration cost you 5 Euro. (Children for free)

Registration  on arrival to the show will be possible as well. But you'll need to do it through the web anyway.

Registration on arrival costs 10 Euro (Children for 5 Euro), because we need to do extra actions to process individual registrations and it delays judging.

After 12:00 on Saturday registration is closed.  But we will be open to receive registered models till 13:00

Remember, no more than 3 models in Master class allowed. However you can add more models for show only in [P-E] (for plastic) or [K-E] for card models

3. Model kit name. Please do NOT use comma. Current system version do not support it. But you can use other symbols like  . ; /

4. Choose construction material. It is used later in registration to filter relevant nominations automatically

5. Model type is also used to prefilter  relevant nominations

6. In Remarks I recommend to add additional info for judges and modelers

7.  Choose scale. If you do not see your scale in the list, please send request to

8. Manufacturer. Most of those are there, but again ask if any is missing.

9. When all is entered, press Save

3. After Sign In enter Profile data

4. Remember to add birthday date.

It is used for automatic age category calculation

 5. Mobile number is used to send SMS,

e.g. when you are awarded

 6. Add your picture to let others recognize you

Note, your Profile data is reused for all other shows supported by this web page

4. Select model (2). At this point you will only see models, not registered on current show

After you choose model then 2 filters are populated automatically (2'): Plastic/Carton/Scratch and Model type (e.g. Aerial).

This reduce number of categories you see in the list below.

Remember to choose Hobby or Master (3) class to see only relevant categories. This is optional - you can identify Hobby class categories by checking category code. PA3-SM-72 is Master, and PA3-SH-72 is Hobby

If you need to reset filter you can press on red button (4).

3. Choose modeler (1). You can select child or friend if you already created sub-account in Account sub-menu above.

II. Step. Add models to the virtual shelf

1. Go to Model kits->Model kits shelf to add models you want to compete in shows.

2. Press "Add model"

5. Now just select relevant category (5). Make sure you choose one for the right scale, which is added to the end of category caption. 

6. Remember to press Save button (6) before you select next model for the contest.

That is enough. Later, before contest you can do corrections to model description, add more model pictures or even change category.  But only before competition is started.


III. Step. Enroll model to the contest

1. There are few options how to initiate model enrollment to the contest:

   Registration will go through the web page:


It is fairly new amazing system to support scale model show management all around the world.

  I. Step. User registration and Profile details
  1.For a first time you need to create account. You'll get email with account activation URL. Press on that.

 2. Then you can Sign In

2. Choose event and press "Take part in contest"

Code before closing Code before closing