Note! Manual registration will be possible on show as well.

 However you 'll need to fill in model passed by hand.  This takes a lot of time. Please come to register models on time.

After 11:00 on Saturday registration is closed.

 For manual registration you pay 10 Euro.

 For registration through the webyou pay 5 Euro.

  Registration will go through the web page:

For a first time you need to create account.
  Then you can login

  For the first time you need to fill in Profile data.   
  Remember to add birthday date, especially for child

 Next, go to Model kits->Model kits shelf to add models you want to compete in shows

 Last, add models to the upcoming shows by pressing "Enroll model kit to a contest", in our case  Golden Model Show 2018. In the future you will be able to add same models to other shows.

 Event schedule


   10:00 - 18:00: Model registration


   9:00 - 11:00: Model registration

   15:00-17:00: Socialization (more details will follow)

   12:00-18:00: Judge models

   19:00-22:00: Socialization (go outside for chat & beer)


    13:30-14:30: Guest modelers take models back

   14:30-16:00: Award ceremony

   16:00-17:00: Local modelers take models back

 Follow the news on the event on the  

 Facebook page Golden Model Show

 Dear friends!

 Welcome to the Scale Model Show "Golden Model 2018", which will be run from  17th till 19th of August ​in Latvian War Museum (Smilšu iela 20). 

 Traditionally we organize model show during Riga city celebration.

 This year subject is:  Sea Battles 

  Nomination list can be downloaded here

  Rules are under construction and will be published soon

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