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Planned Workshops:

Recruiting new-joiners                       (Saturday 14:30-15:30) - how to inspire people to join hobby. Children

- How to build fast - back to basics (Sunday     11:00-13:00) - any ideas on fast/precise gluing, filling seams, sanding, etc.

Workshops means that everyone will share with ideas, show tools, etc. -  be prepared to share!

Important! Book hotels in advance!

The availability and prices could change quickly due to good season and city Holidays!

For those who do not have parking place in hotel. Free parking in city center

See you there!

Sincerely yours,

IPMS Latvia

P.S. if you have any questions, you are welcome to email on

Usually there are lots of events, including Avia show, concerts and final fireworks on Sunday evening. Also usually we have best weather in the year during mid-August. You can enjoy Jurmala swim in the Riga Bay or taking sun booth or visiting SPA salons or taking one of Latvian beers in local restaurant.

Hello visitor!

Welcome to the Scale Model Show "Golden Model 2015", which will be run from  14th till 16th of August ​in Latvian War Museum. This year it will be special because of 2 reasons: 

- it has a subject, which is "I and II World Wars"

- we do it during Riga city celebration.

The subject is aligned with 70 Year Anniversary for II World War and 100 Years Anniversary for I World War.

And we held show during nice holidays to make even more fun for you and your families. 

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