Now have a look on result list and see detailed info on results. By default the list is sorted by model ID. You can use filter (by clicking on the bullet on the column). E.g. you filter by your name to see all your rewards. You can filter by category to see which medals are given to you and your mates in the same "area". You can also filter by any other field, e.g. by country. And in the "Status" field you may found missed rewards. You'll get those.

I hope you find it useful.

And next step is - I will prepare printouts with stickers for your medals. You'll be able to print those and glue to the back of your medals ;)

The link to the file is here

If you need a help with this list, please let me know by sending email on and I will help you.

Hello my friends!

I will write English here and everyone can easily translate through 

Hope you all get home safe. And your models too. Reward ceremony is over and probably most of you are concerned about medals they got. And you got a lot, right? :)

Finally detailed list of results is ready.

You will find sometimes total are over 100 and some are less then 20. That's because most card models were judged with 100 as max per judge (100x2 = 200) and some figurines judged with 10 as max per judge.


Golden Model 2015 Results

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